Lower Cross Syndrome: Understanding and Managing Its Impact on Back Pain and Posture

As a chiropractor, I frequently encounter patients suffering from lower back pain, often linked to a condition known as Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS). This post aims to shed light on LCS, its role in back pain and posture...

Exercises vs. Movement: Your Path to a Pain-Free Back

As a chiropractor, I often encounter patients grappling with back pain. It's a common ailment, but many don't realize that simple changes in their daily routines can make a significant difference.

Knee Pain and Running. Why see a Chiropractor?

So you have tried everything from stretching and foam rollers to deep tissues massages and massage guns and everything helps for a short while but then the problem is straight back! Sound familiar?

Mid-Back Pain from Poor Posture?

Pain around the middle and upper back is common, the area in between the shoulder blades is referred to as interscapular pain.

Can Chiropractic Improve Your Golf Game?

Written by Alexa Garcia, DC Table of Contents What Happens in a Golf Swing The Most Common Golf Injuries...

Do you suffer from Tech Neck?

What is “Tech Neck Syndrome”? The term describes what happens when you look down with your neck flexed forward at your hand-held...

How does Posture relate to Your Health

The bottom line: Good posture supports good health. A balanced posture minimizes the stress of gravity on muscles, joints, and nerves. Much like levers...

What is a Y-Strap Adjustment?

The Y-strap, or Y-axis traction strap adjustment, is a type of spinal adjustment that’s been taking the internet by storm and often seen on YouTube.

Find the right mattress for you!

Your mattress is arguably going to be the most important piece of furniture you will buy and getting it right can save you a lot of back trouble...

Rounded Shoulders and “Locked” Upper Back?

The term “rounded shoulders” is used to describe a resting shoulder position that has moved forward from the body’s ideal alignment.

Painful Shoulder after Sleeping?

Has your shoulder pain been playing up recently? Our poor work ergonomics, reduced activity and extra hours spent...

Moving enough?

How Often You Should Be Moving If You Sit All Day? It's not good news I'm afraid: Studies have...