Your First Visit

What to expect at your appointment

1. Your first visit - Getting to Know You

On our first appointment, we’re all ears. We’ll chat about your symptoms and ask a few questions. Knowing your past medical history is like piecing together a puzzle – it helps us see the full picture. 

Think of it as a guided tour of your body. We’ll examine you out from head to toe, focusing on your spine, joints, nerves, and muscles. We’re like detectives uncovering the cause of your symptoms. And yep, we might snap a few pictures with our fancy digital posture equipment if we think it’ll help solve the case. 

We’ll walk you through our findings and those posture images (if we took any). After you’ve got all the info and feel good about it, we’ll lay out how we can help, the number of sessions you might need, and what it’ll cost. No mysteries here! 

Now, it’s go-time. We’ll start using our gentle chiropractic magic to shift you from pain and stiffness to health and mobility.  

Your health’s a journey, not a one-stop destination. We’ll keep an eye on your progress, give you regular updates, and tweak things as needed. And once you’re back to feeling awesome, we’ve got ongoing wellness care to keep you there, making sure you stay at the top of your game

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