What is a Y-Strap Adjustment?

The Y-strap, or Y-axis traction strap adjustment, is a type of spinal adjustment that’s been taking the internet by storm and often seen on YouTube. Unlike what most people picture when they think of chiropractic spinal adjustments, a chiropractor using their hands to manually adjust the spine, a Y-strap adjustment utilizes a secure strap around the skull attached to a bar that the chiropractor pulls in order to achieve spinal decompression.

What Does A Y-Strap Adjustment Feel Like?

It varies from person to person. Basically, the spinal adjustment from a Y-strap adjustment causes bubbles to form in the synovial fluid in the joints of the vertebrae as the adjustment stretches the spine out.

You may even feel taller. Part of what a spinal adjustment does is help repair poor posture due to chronic back pain. You may very well find yourself standing an inch or so taller with a properly adjusted spine and relief from pain caused by ailments such as pinched nerves and herniated disks.


y-strap traction

This type of adjustment will not be for everyone. We will determine, through our exam, who would or wouldn’t be a good candidate for this.